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Got a Personality Clash?

Don't let go of that account just yet.

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It's usually a good idea to get a second opinion before you undergo major surgery. The same holds true for giving up an account due to a personality clash.

Most of us aren't very accurate when it comes to judging our own popularity. Those of us with low self-confidence think nobody could possibly like us, while those with giant egos are sure that everybody does. This problem doesn't get any easier with customers, many of whom are playing hard-to-deal-with as part of their buying procedure.

That's why it's a good idea to ask for a second opinion before you give up an account. The first and best source for that opinion is probably your sales manager. Second would be a senior salesperson or an experienced colleague. Ask them to call on the account with you, but only to observe, not to present. Their experience and knowledge of human nature helps them pick up personality conflicts.

Excerpted from Creative Selling: Boost your B2B sales

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