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Hot Disks 03/03

Employee evaluations made easy, driving directions on your handheld and more

Easier Evaluations: Employee evaluations have never been easier. Perfor-mance Now 4.0 from CCHKnowledgePoint ( automates review-writing by having the manager rate the employee on a scale then generating the supporting text. Performance Now also allows you to set future goals and document performance throughout the year. Street price: $179.

Driving Directions: With Mapopolis ( ), you won't ever have to stop for directions. The program, available for the Palm OS and Pocket PCs, delivers maps and driving directions to your handheld computer and can track your location using GPS (requires a GPS device). Software-only pricing starts at $99.95 (street).

Spam Stopper: Keep unwanted e-mails out with SpamAssassin Enterprise 2003 from Deersoft ( ). The product uses the SpamAssassin Engine and applies it to Exchange systems. The engine analyzes every aspect of the message, including the sender and contents. It uses these criteria to score the message; any that exceed a certain limit are considered to be spam. Street price: $30.

Stick to Your Budget: Create your company's budget and stay true to the bottom line with Platinum for Windows from Best Software ( ). Now available in version 5.1, this LAN-based financial applications package allows multiple users to participate in the creation process and features a spreadsheet template and a familiar Windows-like look. Street price: starts at $3,995.

Liane Cassavoy, a former technology reporter at, freelances from her home in Brookline, Massachusetts.

This story appears in the March 2003 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »