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Prototype/Program News--Carl's Jr., Fuddruckers, Great Harvest Bread Co., Sonic

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Anaheim, California--Carl's Jr. has unveiled a new drive-thru prototype in Downey, California, featuring a soaring ceiling, skylights and wrap-around corner booths for sit-down diners. But the half-moon design was chosen to please the 50 percent plus of Carl's Jr. customers who use the pickup window, allowing them to move through a smoothly flowing drive-thru lane rather than having to negotiate a square box. The company hopes to build two to four of the new restaurants within two years. -Orange County Register

Austin, Texas--In a bid to increase dessert sales and attract customers who don't necessarily want burgers but crave waffle cones, Fuddruckers is testing ice cream parlors at two restaurants in Texas and Minnesota. Called Fudds Encore Bakery and Creamery, the concept offers 18 flavors of gourmet ice cream, brownies, cookies and other treats. The creameries are located in existing bakeries found at most Fuddruckers units and staffed with employees trained to mix ice cream treats. -Nation's Restaurant News

Dillon, Montana--Six Great Harvest Bread Co. franchisees are now selling sandwiches to capitalize on lunchtime revenue opportunities. The company is currently working to identify other locations where sandwiches make sense and will design a system wherein owners can efficiently execute the sandwich concept in their bakeries. -QSR

Oklahoma City--Sonic Corp. plans to expand its breakfast program across its entire system. Currently, Sonic offers its breakfast menu at about one-half of its chain, but the company expects a complete rollout, covering approximately 1,300 stores, by the end of March. -PRNewswire