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What Dreams May Come

Your dreams may reveal more about your business than you realize.

This story appears in the June 2003 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Can your dreams help guide you in business? Layne Dalfenthinks so. "We're problem-solving in our dreams," explains Dalfen, a dream analyst in Montreal and the author of Dreams Do Come True: Decoding Your Dreams to Discover Your Full Potential (Adams Media). "Whether you are soliciting the solution to an issue you are facing or one you are attempting not to face, dreams create scenarios that mirror the feelings and events we are experiencing in our current lives."

Mary Hamill, president of $6 million marketing and public relations company Global-5 Orlando, Florida, has had a recurring dream for years. "I'm in high school, and [I] cannot get into my locker," says Hamill, 46. "Either I've forgotten the combination, or my locker is located down a long hallway or across a field [so] there's no way I can get to it in time for class. There is always a great need to get inside the locker."

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