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How to Handle the Unexpected

How you deal with crises--big and small--decides how successful your business will be. Are you up to the challenges?

This story appears in the June 2003 issue of Teen Startups.

(YoungBiz) - Here's a problem that just about any new 'trep would be happy to face: too much business. But while it sounds like a nice problem to have--and it probably is--it can also wreak havoc on your company if you're not ready to handle it.

Problems are familiar territory for any business owner, like Shazad Mohamed, the 16-year-old president and CEO of GlobalTek Solutions Inc. in Dallas. And since Mohamed founded his business in 1999, plenty of challenges have come his way. Like the time one of his clients was looking for a way to sell its gourmet dog biscuits nationwide: GlobalTek showed the company how to plan, design and create an online store--problem solved. But Mohamed was quick to learn that not all problems come with such ready-made solutions.

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