Phone, Camera, Action!

Get your 10 seconds of phone fame.
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"Veni, vidi, video," roughly translated from the Latin is "I came, I saw, I videoed." Nokia's new 3650 color phone lets you produce 10-second video clips or take photos that can be sent over GSM/GPRS cell networks to a co-worker or customer. Recipients use the RealOne Player to view your movie-say, images of your products or personnel.

The 3650 isn't one of those matchbox-size phones. It's 4.5 ounces and 5.1 by 2.2 inches; its 4,096-color display is about half as large as most. You can view real-time streaming video off the Web on the 3650's "big screen."

AT&T Wirelesssells it for $150 (all prices street) with a $150 instant rebate, Cingular Wirelessfor $250-both without built-in audio recording. A plug-in is available from Nokia, but you need Bluetooth to get it to the phone. T-Mobile's$200 version (with a $100 rebate) lets you make talkies right away. But you need a GPRS data and GSM voice plan with any carrier. T-Mobile's is $3 per month for 1MB worth of data transfer; that's about 10 videos or 30 photos.

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