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Beefing Up Your Presentations With Business Card CDs

If you really want people to remember you, pass out a business card that tells your whole story.

This story appears in the September 2003 issue of Teen Startups.

Think about the neglected stacks of business cards lying around your office from networking events, meetings and conferences. At the time each card was handed your way, you probably said to yourself, "Hey, this company's product or service might be worth looking into," only to lose interest later and neglect to follow through. Even worse is the fact that the exact same thing happens to your card when you hand it to a potential customer--and sales slip through the cracks.

The answer is to create multimedia business card CDs. Why hand out a card when you can hand out a presentation? Using business card CDs in place of, or in addition to, handing out regular cards can be a powerful way to make a lasting impression and take a first step in capturing a potential client.

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