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In the Fast Lane

Broadband providers are racing to get your business-but in the end, you're the real winner.

This story appears in the November 2003 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Broadband is back, and it's just in time for an upswing in the economy which, hopefully, will be mirrored by an upswing in your online revenues. Consumers and small enterprises are responding to price cuts and innovative service combinations being spawned by a free-for-all among telecom providers. Broadband is just one of many voice and data services whose prices are falling because you now have the freedom to choose which combination of local, long distance, wireless and broadband you buy from whom. (I read somewhere competition does that-oh, yeah, Econ 101).

If anything, your customers have even more service choices, which certainly doesn't hurt your business. Network traffic monitors have found that broadband shoppers stay online longer and buy more stuff than dial-up surfers. Stands to reason. Broadband is like getting a new six-lane highway in town while gas prices are falling: The shopping mall just seems a whole lot closer.

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