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Never Fear

On the verge of starting your own business, but too chicken to step off the edge? If these entrepreneurs could take the plunge during uncertain times and still succeed, imagine how well you can do in today's brighter economy.

This story appears in the February 2004 issue of Start Up.

Starting a business is a lot like jumping onto a fast-movingmerry-go-round: It looks a little crazy to anybody watching, andit's almost guaranteed that you're going to stumble as youjump on. But you're also bound to have a lot of fun, and aslong as you dig in your heels and are determined to hang on,you're likely to enjoy the ride.

If you feel a little scared at the idea of starting a business,take heart from the stories that follow. If these entrepreneurscould start businesses in 2003-when the economy was seemingly goingnowhere but down-surely you, too, can find success today.

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