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Reality Check


This story appears in the March 2004 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

In the good old days (about 17 years ago), when entrepreneurs were just starting to surface in our society, theories and opinions abounded that, to be a successful , you had to be a certain kind of person or a particular personality type. Entrepreneurs, it was said, were risk-takers, ready to throw it all away for a shot at the top. There were other "knowns," of course. You weren't good at delegating, you hogged all the glory, you were selfish. In short, you were basically a dysfunctional, greedy, no-good bastard.

Then the entrepreneurial explosion hit (for a number of reasons we won't get into here), and we learned-just as in life-that while some entrepreneurs could indeed be bastardly, far more of you were busy starting and growing businesses for your own reasons, using your own ideas and strategies.

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