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Resources 04/04

Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business
An online stock-alert service that lets you receive analyst-opinion announcements and stock price changes, as well as monitor and manage portfolios. You can receive custom stock alerts via phone, e-mail or pager at personalized intervals, such as hourly or twice per day. Prices start at $29.95 per year. helps reduce the size and complexity of your business's Web site to maximize speed. It offers free Web site speed tests, a monthly Bandwidth Report, speed tips, optimization services and book recommendations. is a business and marketing research aggregator. Reports and market research are available according to industry, country, demographic or trend, with the option to purchase many of the reports "by the slice"-meaning you only pay for those sections of the report you need. Free, customizable research-alert e-mails are also available.

The 100 best resources for Small Business(BizBest Media), 2004 edition, by Daniel Kehrer
Also known as the "BizBest 100," this book delivers 100 quality resources for small businesses and awards a star ranking based on factors such as focus on small business, easy accessibility, responsiveness, value/cost and longevity.
InfoUSA champions an amendment to the "Do Not Call" legislation, allowing an exemption for small businesses making fewer than 100 calls each day. To support the amendment, go to, and click on the "Learn More About the National Do Not Call Registry" icon to view a sample letter and to access a listing of U.S. representatives and senators to whom support letters may be sent.

Input tracks federal spending at each agency and grant money to each state, giving your business a leg up on outsourcing opportunities. The site also offers customer surveys, market assessments and forecasts, customer satisfaction surveys, competitor benchmark studies, white papers and more.

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