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Go With the Low

Hear everyone talking about the low-carb revolution, but think it's too late to get in the game? Don't worry--there's still plenty of opportunity to profit from America's newest obsession.

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Fighting for headline space right along with the presidential election and celebrity woes, low-carb has become one of the most talked about topics at home, at work and with friends and acquaintances. The low-carb buzz, spearheaded by the Atkins diet and a handful of similar weight-loss plans, has boosted sales in traditional food industries such as meats, eggs and nuts. And it has turned a once-quiet specialty market into a burgeoning empire of low-carb products and services that has businesses cashing in on carb-conscious dieters.

The timing is still ripe for entrepreneurial newcomers--as The Valen Group, a strategy consulting firm for Fortune 500 companies, discovered in a recent study. According to the survey, 59 million U.S. adults are controlling their intake of carbohydrates, and more than 40 million others said they were considering a low-carb diet in the next 12 months. Collectively, those figures are fast approaching half of all U.S. adults.

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