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Consign of the Times

EBay drop-off stores could be the next big thing.

This story appears in the May 2004 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

's popularity is spawning a new niche: brick-and-mortar stores that help people who are too busy or confused by eBay's system to sell their goods on the site. After all, selling on eBay requires time and effort. Sellers have to take digital photographs and write descriptions of the merchandise, arrange to get paid, package their goods, and bring the packages to a shipper.

In the past year, many companies-including AuctionDrop Inc., AuctionWagon Inc., Picture It Sold, QuikDrop Inc. and Snappy Auctions-have launched eBay drop-off stores to help with these hassles. Most of these are in and focus on individuals, but plan to expand throughout the country and to the B2B market.

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