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Keep up with what's hot in today's market, and your small space will be a big deal.

This story appears in the May 2004 issue of Start Up.

Kiosks may be no larger than an in-line store's window, but that hasn't prevented entrepreneurs from making the best out of a small situation. Also referred to as specialty stores and carts, these 40-square-foot stores reflect today's trends, offering items ranging from to East Asian hermit crabs. Currently valued at $10 billion, the kiosk industry offers appealing low-risk opportunities. However, to determine profitable ways to use this limited space, you should first consider what today's consumers really want.

Blasts From the Past

Categories including nostalgia, affordable luxury, home décor and inspiration will attract customers to kiosks across the country this year, predicts Heather Davis, president of Specialty Retail Stores Inc., a kiosk-concept seller in Salt Lake City. Home to concepts such as HairDiamond, Halloween FX and Waikiki Crab Co., Specialty Retail Stores makes a out of staying abreast of current trends.

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