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All Work and Play

With the new wave of tech convergence, your home office won't be the same.

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Just by virtue of their locations, are already straddling the line between business and personal life. Some home-office entrepreneurs may let their children surf on a work computer or may spend some time with their feet up and a laptop in the living room. A host of new product offerings from major hardware manufacturers is blurring the line even more. Companies like Gateway, and are throwing their weight behind items such as LCD TVs that can double as computer monitors. Even has introduced a widescreen-TV and photo-printer combination.

The convergence of home-entertainment consumer electronics and business hardware is fertile ground. It's also a new area for most home-office users. The goal is to make both your personal and work lives easier, more convenient and more enjoyable. Going this route isn't necessarily suitable for entrepreneurs who like to keep a tall wall up between the two. But those who go in for a more flexible work and personal lifestyle could get a lot of use out of a media server, entertainment PC or TV-enabled monitor.

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