Survival of the Fittest

What do entrepreneurs do to stay happy and healthy?
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They come from all walks of life, but one thing every entrepreneur shares is a busy schedule. We rounded up some past "Almost Famous" entrepreneurs to see how they maintain their diets and exercise routines while staying on top of the game.

Stephanie Allen, 41
Dream Dinners Inc.; Snohomish, Washington
Food philosophy: Co-founder of a meal service, Allen, who recently married, loves to cook homemade, low-fat meals. She avoids oils and red meats, and always opts for chicken or fish. However, Allen doesn't restrict herself from eating particular foods: "I eat everything in moderation."

Favorite workout: Allen runs two to three miles in the morning, several times a week. "It clears my mind and gives me time to think. I have a lot more energy afterward."

Temptations: Potato chips, especially salt-and-vinegar flavored ones

Tips: "I travel a lot now, and running is such a great way to get to know the city and people." Be consistent with exercise. Also, "if a restaurant doesn't have a low-fat dressing, I ask for barbecue sauce or marinara sauce on the side and use that for dressing."

Results: Allen went from a longtime 145 pounds to 125 by eating low-fat foods and doing moderate exercise for three months.

Lynn and Bonnie Rogers, 54 and 41
Coach's Oats; Yorba Linda, California
Food philosophy: The Rogerses are watchful of what they eat. They make sure they get their fill of protein and fiber by dining on lean meats and fruits and vegetables, and steer away from fats and refined sugar. But, Lynn says, "we're not afraid to enjoy a piece of apple pie or ice cream with our kids once in a while."

Favorite workout: Lynn enjoys the recumbent bicycle as well as the elliptical machine at home. Bonnie, who also teaches fitness classes at a gym, likes to weight train, swim, run and cycle. She explains, "Variety is key to keeping interested." Bonnie and Lynn surf with their two children as well.

Temptations: Lynn, chocolate milk; Bonnie, over-indulging in trail mix

Tips: Says Lynn, a former gymnastics coach, "Two words: common sense. Make the calories you put in efficient, functional." And don't let the stress of the business keep you from eating right and exercising-he says exercise actually reduces stress. Bonnie tries to avoid "the white stuff:" breads, sugars and pasta.

Results: When Lynn got more involved with the business and less with coaching, he gained 15 pounds. Switching to Coach's Oats every morning and more salads at lunch, he's back at 185 pounds. Bonnie has maintained the same weight since college.

Anthony C. Shurman, 33
Yosha! Enterprises Inc.; Westfield, New Jersey
Food philosophy: None. When he needs to lose some weight, Shurman chooses water as his beverage of choice and stays clear of bad carbs. Though he really loves a beer at the end of the day, he says, "I cut that way back, if not entirely out."

Favorite workout: Competitive sports like soccer, squash and tennis

Temptations: Pizza

Tips: "Exercise any way you can. When I'm in New York City for meetings, I'll forget the cab and walk." While he's been dubbed "Salad Man" by friends because of his penchant for the leafy greens, Shurman cautions others against salads that can get hefty: "Often, the amount of dressing is phenomenal."

Shurman claims he can lose up to 10 pounds in a week when disciplined.

Steele Platt, 45
Yard House Restaurants; Irvine, California
Food philosophy: Low-carb, greatly reducing his starch intake

Favorite workout: Bicycling and golf (which he played while being interviewed)

Temptations: This native of Hawaii goes weak for rice.

Tips: "Eat balanced, a little of everything," says Platt, who likes whole, unprocessed foods.

Results: He has maintained his weight.

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