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Size Matters

Does your product jam a lot of benefits into a small package? Here's how to sell it.

This story appears in the August 2004 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

A famous cereal maker has a long-running commercial that shows how many bowls of its rival's brand you'd have to eat to get the same amount of nutrition that's in one bowl of its brand. It's a very impressive way to make the point, and probably has sold a lot of cereal flakes.

Now a multivitamin maker has come along with the ad shown here, using basically the same idea-and it, too, grabs attention. The ad displays all the individual vitamins and minerals you'd have to gulp down-30 in all-in order to get the same benefits in just one of its caplets. It's such a natural approach for this kind of product that you would think another supplement maker would have already used it. But I haven't seen such. So the people at SuperNutrition and their ad agency, Gauger + Santy in San Francisco, get an A+ in my book for coming up with this eye-grabbing way of making their big point. And squeezing it into a skinny one-column format is another coup.

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