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Pursesnickety! prepares to soar with a revamped e-commerce site.
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The launch is approaching. Deborah Nail, our intrepid makeover entrepreneur, has worked with and company Interland and settled on a new look for It's cleaner, trendier and more professional, but it's also loaded with the fun spirit of the products. Just take a look at the before and after pictures.

The substance underneath is just as important as the look. Steve Schultz, Interland's director of solutions and design services, has been in on the process since the beginning. After the initial consultation, Schultz and Nail decided to go with a high-end engine that allows for search capabilities, both retail and wholesale sections, and other advanced features like a coupon manager. Says Schultz, "That will make it a much richer vehicle to target [Nail's] audience."

Customers will be able to browse fabrics and feathers, get information on how the purses are made, and order entirely online for the first time. "It's going to save us time and reduce our costs," says Nail, "because we're not going to have to hand-feed all the information to each person we talk to."

The Web design process has had a positive businesswide effect on Pursesnickety! "I can't tell you how much it's helped us organize ourselves," Nail says. "We know what we're doing now." They've streamlined their product line, settled their trade show calendar for the entire year, and moved into the new categories of bridal bags (customized bags used to carry flowers in weddings) and beach bags.

So what happens after the launch? "We do a search engine optimization, then the e-mail marketer, where we create newsletters for [Nail]. After that, [we] look at things like AdWords," says Ann Vo, Web designer with Interland. Vo says that this process, from the initial discovery consultation through the various marketing aspects, is pretty typical of how Interland works with growing businesses.

Nail and the entire design team are looking forward to the launch of the new site. "We're ahead of the game. I can't wait to see how this increases our sales. I think it's going to be tremendous," says Nail. Come back next month, when we'll look at how new cell phones from Sprint and new laptops from IBM are changing the way Pursesnickety! communicates and works.


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