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Flight of Fancy?

Launching a high-tech product can be a technical and financial challenge. Try these tips to get yours off the ground.

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The Entrepreneurs: Williams J. Boyers Jr., 39-year-old founder of APS in Tacoma, Washington and partner and co-founder Ray Henson, 39, who helped Boyer with the technical aspects of the invention

The Product: The digEplayer is a portable battery-operated in-flight entertainment system that passengers place on their tray tables. The 3-pound system, which holds 64 full-length movies and hours of digital music, cartoons and TV sitcoms, is a less expensive alternative to the traditional onboard in-flight systems that cost as much as $1 million per plane to install. A licensing arrangement with Twentieth Century Fox allows APS to reprogram the units every 60 days with new movies right before they go to video.

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