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Tech Buzz 09/04

Caring for disks, renewing anti-virus software and more

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Proper Care and Feeding

CDs and DVDs may be more vulnerable than we thought. With so much of your important business data stored on those little platters, it's more important than ever to treat them right. The National Institute of Standards and (NIST) has issued guidelines and suggestions for caring for CDs and DVDs. Their tips apply to recordable and rewritable media as well as regular disks.

You may be tempted to stack your disks, but NIST suggests storing them upright, book-style. Cool, dry and dark environments are best for the long term. More specifically, keep the temperature less than 68 degrees and more than 39 degrees. And keep those recordable disks out of the , as UV rays can be damaging. If you're still wondering how best to label your disks, skip the adhesive labels and use a nonsolvent-based felt-tip marker. Adhesive labels can put a disk off balance, and trying to remove or reposition the labels can cause damage.

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