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Gear 09/04

The ultimate in slim notebooks and PDAs

The Skinny

Sony's VAIO X505 redefines the meaning of the ultrathin notebook. At roughly a half-inch thick and only 1.85 pounds (with battery), the X505 offers full-featured portability-a 10.4-inch display, an 83-key qwerty keyboard, a 1.10GHz Pentium M processor, a 20GB hard drive and 512MB of memory. The X505 also has an Ethernet port, two USB 2.0 ports, an 802.11g wireless LAN card, and an IEEE 1394 port. Built with the mobile warrior in mind, the carbon/nickel-cased notebook comes with a nylon carrying case and a USB mouse with a Memory Stick media slot built in.

Free to Roam

With its Spartan resource requirements and bold, 4-inch 640 x 480 color LCD, Sharp's Linux-based Zaurus SL-6000 is the PDA to keep mobile workers in touch. A built-in 802.11b adapter makes broadband connections as easy as navigating documents using its 37-key qwerty keyboard. Equipped with the usual PDA suite-calendar, address book and to-do list-the SL-6000 supports desktop applications like IBM's WebSphere, and Microsoft Outlook and limited Word and Excel. Its built-in 64MB Flash memory, USB port and expandable CompactFlash and SD memory slots further free you from your desktop.

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