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Hot Disks 09/04

Hard disk searches, voice-activated dialing and more

High-Speed Search: Speed up desktop searches with X1 Search. This $99 (all prices street) application from X1 Technologies creates an index of your computer's contents, including most popular file formats, e-mail messages and attachments. Once the index is made, X1 can instantaneously search your hard drive, delivering results before you finish typing your search terms. Results are displayed in a file viewer window that lets you see the document in its original format.

Look, No Hands:Fonix has updated its speech interface application for mobile phones. VoiceDial 2.0 lets users operate Windows-based smartphones and Pocket PC devices by speaking the name or number they want to call. The $16 application understands English, French, German and Spanish.

Alternative Office Suite: Microsoft isn't your only option. Corel's updated WordPerfect Office 12 offers compatible applications, including Presentations, Quattro Pro, WordPerfect and an address book. New to the $300 suite are a Workspace Manager for customizing the user interface, the WordPerfect OfficeReady Browser for viewing Office templates, and Compatibility Toolbars for opening, editing and saving Microsoft office files.

All Together Now:Project Insight breaks the limits of desktop project management software. Version 4.0 of this Web-based application from Metafuse offers real-time collaboration for workgroups, lets you import and export projects to and from Microsoft Project, and has time and expense tracking and invoicing. Cost: $40 per month for the Workgroup version, $250 per month for the Enterprise version.

Liane Cassavoy freelances from her home in Brookline, Massachusetts.

This story appears in the September 2004 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »