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Separation Anxiety

Don't worry if you have an employee who's not a team player--it <i>is</i> possible to deal with loners in a way that makes everyone happy.

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Serial entrepreneur Peyton Anderson faced a big employee challenge a few years ago when he was at the helm of his first venture, SciQuest. The problem started when one senior-level employee rejected the approach Anderson, 38, favored. He didn't explain how he did things-but didn't mind telling other employees how much smarter he was than them. He sat alone in his office all day and stood in the corner at the company holiday party. Other employees kept their distance.

Anderson agonized about fitting this talented but unapproachable employee into the company. "He would come up with something once in a while that was wicked smart," Anderson says. "[But] he was not the kind of guy you'd want to have lunch with."

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