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Let's Be Reasonable

There's no need to drop an insane amount of money on office equipment with these bargain-finding secrets.

This story appears in the September 2004 issue of Start Up.

When you're starting your new business, you have to decidehow to allocate your budget. Technology can eat up a significantportion of your startup capital. We're going to look at how youcan reduce budget strain and still outfit your office with qualityequipment.

Here's an example of what smart shopping can do. Say youdecide to buy a 15-inch LCD. Now say you choose a SamsungSyncMaster 152N. Would you rather pay $270 or $434? This isn'ta trick question; this is about finding the best deal. And $434 isthe price one online store was selling this monitor for recently. Anew 152N recently closed at $270 on eBay. Of course, eBay isn'talways the answer. Stay tuned as we explore the ways you can getyour startup going on a tight budget.

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