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Think Ahead

Spot the "disruptive innovations" that can make or break your business success.

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Clayton M. Christensen has won fame for his thoughts about the revolutionary business ideas he calls "disruptive innovation." Now, in Seeing What's Next: Using the Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change (HBS Press, $29.95), Christensen and co-authors Scott D. Anthony and Erik A. Roth show how to spot upcoming disruptive innovations that may threaten your success-or ensure it.

The basic tool is a three-step process for predicting change in any industry. First, look for companies using new ways to reach underserved, overserved and unserved customers. Second, compare competitors to see who has the advantage in the coming disruption. Finally, watch these companies' strategic choices, and see how those choices affect their chances of surviving and prospering.

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