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Hot Disks 10/04

Microsoft for Mac, no-download publishing graphics and more

Do-It-Yourself DVDs: Need more advanced DVD authoring tools? Consider Sonic's DVDit 5. At $299 (all prices street), it offers task-based work flow, a project tree overview, advanced control over DVD playback and customizable menus. DVDit supports AVI, MPEG, Quick-Time, Windows Media and more video formats, and is compatible with DVD+R double layer DVD drives and discs.

Office for Apple: Just because you have a Mac doesn't mean you can't go Microsoft. The new Microsoft Office 2004 for the Mac includes Project Center, an organizational tool in Entourage (the Mac version of Outlook) that provides fast access to e-mails and contact info, as well as files in Excel, PowerPoint and Word related to a specific project. Office 2004 features improved change-tracking features, MSN Messenger integration, and a Notebook layout for viewing Word documents. The standard version costs $399.

Taking Notes: Sticky notes go virtual with OutNote Lite v1.x. This $29.95 add-on for Microsoft Outlook lets you attach notes to e-mail messages and contacts by simply right-clicking on the message or contact name. You can review the notes by clicking on the message or contact, or you can view all your notes through the OutNote Central manager.

Interior Design: Art Explosion Publisher Pro offers an all-in-one publishing solution. This $99.95 application from Nova Development lets you create fliers, multipage brochures, newsletters and PDF files. It includes more than 100,000 graphics in the box, no downloading needed.

Liane Cassavoy freelances from her home in Brookline, Massachusetts.

This story appears in the October 2004 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »