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Selecting a Digital Camera

A digital camera can make any listing look picture perfect--and there's one for every budget.

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You've seen auctions with bad pictures: the images are blurry, grainy, either too far away or too close, lack detail, or the colors look unnatural. If this bothers you, you know it's got to be a big turnoff for a seller's potential customers. That's why a clean photograph is essential for any listing. We're going to look at a range of digital cameras suited to meet your needs.

If you can visit a retailer and try out several models in person, go for it. Little details can make a big difference when you're narrowing down your choices. The $249 (all prices street) Coolpix 3200, for example, has an autofocus assist illuminator that takes the guesswork out of shooting in low-light situations. For buyers who want to use their cameras for more than eBay, it's worth looking at a higher-end model, like the $499 PowerShot S60. Featuring a 5 megapixel resolution, it will produce large, high-quality printouts as well as handle your Web needs.

For a basic, entry-level camera, the Olympus Camedia D-395 offers 3.2 megapixels for a low $149 price tag. Compare this price to that of the $130 EasyShare CX7300. Although these models lack some of the features of more expensive cameras, they take the crown for affordability. What's more, the Kodak EasyShare CX7300 and Olympus Camedia D-395 both come with digital zooms. But if you're planning on photographing larger objects that require a high-quality optical zoom lens, look upward in the Olympus and Kodak product lines.

The $399 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P100 falls in the midrange. It features 5.1 megapixels and a slim and stylish design that will appeal to fashion-conscious buyers. Like the Canon, it can handle high-resolution prints as well as tackle your eBay photos, and the 3x optical zoom gives you a lot of flexibility.

's $349 Photosmart R707 is a versatile camera with built-in red-eye reduction, a document capture shooting mode and 5.1 megapixels of resolution. Other manufacturers include FujiFilm and Konica Minolta. Shop around; there's bound to be a camera that will fit your needs and budget.

Shopping List

High-end or low-priced, a digital camera can give your product great exposure. We review the brands that will help you get the picture.

PowerShot S60
(800) 0K-CANON 5 CompactFlash 3.6x optical zoom, movie mode $499
Photosmart R707
(800) 752-0900 5.1 SD/MMC cards 3x optical zoom, video clip capture $349
EasyShare CX7300
(800) 23-KODAK 3.2 SD/MMC cards 16MB internal memory, video clip capture $130
Coolpix 3200
(800) NIKON-UX 3.2 SD cards 3x optical zoom, 14.5MB internal memory $249
Camedia D-395
(800) 622-6372 3.2 xD-Picture Card Autofocus lens, 2.5x optical zoom $149
Cyber-shot DSC-P100
(877) 865-SONY 5.1 Memory Stick 3x optical zoom $399

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