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Hot Disks 11/04

Ridding yourself of unwanted e-mail, secure file transfers and more

Pain-Free Patching: Sitekeeper 3.1 from Executive Software allows your IT staff to determine hardware and software configurations across your company to ensure that all your products are licensed. It also helps system administrators deploy software updates or patches when needed. Sitekeeper 3.1 costs $147 (all prices street) for five user licenses.

Spam Stopper:Webroot Software now offers an application designed to keep your inbox free of unwanted messages. Spam Shredder works with all POP3 e-mail clients and will automatically configure Eudora, Outlook and Outlook Express. The $29.95 application lets you add addresses to a whitelist or a blacklist and features an intelligent learning engine that analyzes your decisions to keep or delete suspect messages.

Get Organized: Now you can design custom databases and reports with FileAmigo LE from Sierra Software. Available in version 6.0, it lets you create a repository for storing data, pictures, documents, e-mail addresses or additional files-for free. (The Pro Version, which lets you share content over your network, costs $99; the web version, which allows access via the internet, is $299).

Share Safely: Secure your file transfers with Ipswitch's WS_FTP Professional 9.0. This version adds PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption for extra security. PGP lets you select the type, strength and expiration of the security key, allowing you to restrict file sharing and viewing. A redesigned interface retains the classic two-pane look but allows for more customization and adds tabs for easier switching between tasks. Pricing starts at $54.95.

Liane Cassavoy freelances from her home in Brookline, Massachusetts.

This story appears in the November 2004 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »