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Working It

A surge in part-time workers can pay off for your business.

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Good news for entrepreneurs who need help but aren't ready to hire : The number of people working part time is going up. From January to July 2004, the ranks of part-time workers grew from 24.3 million to 25.5 million, according to the Bureau of Statistics (BLS). And from June to July 2004, there was an increase in workers who were working part-time because they wanted to, not because they couldn't find full-time work, says BLS economist Marisa DiNatale. "The number of people working part time for economic reasons was actually down for [July 2004]," she says.

John Challenger, CEO of outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, notes that 1.7 million part-timers hold two or more part-time jobs, up from 1.6 million a year ago. Such workers may be harder to convert to full-timers, since they like the diversity of different jobs. That's one benefit of hiring part-timers. "Look at part-timers as an opportunity to conduct an extended interview, later fighting to keep the top performers," he says.

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