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A Class Act

Whether in an MBA program or an online course, hitting the books can help you stay on top.

This story appears in the December 2004 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Ronn Torossian can't really complain. His company, 5W Public Relations, has grown to $3 million since he founded it in January 2003, and he expects to double his staff of 25 in the next three to six months. But all this success has him a little worried about the future. "My fear is that as we grow, I won't know how to do it properly," says the 30-year-old CEO. "I feel like I have a handle on things now, but if we double in size, at that point you can't just shoot from the hip."

Indeed, as Torossian's has grown, so, too, has the complexity of its real estate bills, payroll, taxes and other issues. Increased regulation and more onerous reporting requirements have also made finance a much more complicated animal in general. Which is why Torossian, who bailed on an MBA program seven years ago after two weeks of classes, is thinking about heading back to school this summer to learn some of the basics in finance, accounting and economics.

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