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Duck Season

What the AFLAC duck can teach you about getting your message into the minds of prospects

This story appears in the January 2005 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

What's the magic formula for turning a relatively unknowncompany into a household name practically overnight? Here's howa couple of brazen advertising agency Houdinis pulled it off-andwhy the kooky result might make one of advertising's legendsturn over in his grave.

Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO/chief creative officer, and RobinKoval, chief marketing officer/general manager, of The KaplanThaler Group (KTG) Ltd. in New York City are two of the brainsbehind the AFLAC duck campaign. They chronicled the making of thecampaign-and their theories on advertising in general-inBANG! Getting Your Message Heard in a NoisyWorld.

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