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What a Concept!

Look at these concept cars to see what the future holds for your fleet.

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What do auto manufacturers have up their sleeves to influence your company-car purchases? For the answer, look at their concept . Closely guarded secrets until they're unveiled at annual car shows, concept cars are hints of things to come. Not all go into production for sale to the public. A few are outrageous, engineless attractions to draw attention to the brand; others test the waters with small changes on next-generation models.

Exterior and interior designs are often wildly futuristic on concept cars, eventually reaching dealerships as toned-down versions. Some concepts are previews of redesigns, such as 's Altima and 's X-Runner. Crossovers and pickups that combine sedan-style front ends with truck beds are among the most successful production vehicles built from concepts. Chrysler's had some of the attributes of a minivan before evolving into a crossover, and elements of Lincoln's Aviator concept crossover will translate into a production model (its launch date is not yet confirmed).

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