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It Figures 02/05

Fraud capitals, entrepreneurial vets and more

of CEOs approve of privatizing Social Security.
Statistic Source: TEC International

of military veterans have started businesses or are considering purchasing or starting businesses.
Statistic Source: SBA Office of Advocacy

U.S. businesses owned by minority women are growing at
the rate of all private businesses.
Statistic Source: Center for Women's Business Research

of executives say religion has no place in the workplace.
Statistic Source:

of IT managers and executives say their desktops are currently infected with spyware.
Statistic Source: Webroot

of women say they'd be much more likely to eat at a restaurant that offered half-size portions.
Statistic Source: Opinion Dynamics Corp.

Suspicious Minds

e-tailers are rejecting 28% more orders than in 2003 due to suspicion of fraud. Asked what areas were most likely to be the source of fraudulent orders, e-tailers said:

Source: CyberSource

This story appears in the February 2005 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »