Spring Cleaning

Take a day to dust off your old business ideas and see if they still shine.
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As entrepreneurs, ideas constantly run through our heads, but we don't always have time to implement them. We add those ideas to our to-do lists, but then often neglect them. If you're feeling discouraged about moving your ideas forward, here is a way to rekindle your fire, refresh your goals and finally make some progress: Set a date within the next week for an "idea-implementation day"--a time to free your imagination to make a plan for accomplishing a specific goal.

Begin by defining your goal--you cannot succeed if you don't know where you're going. Then:

1. Spend a focused hour developing three alternative idea-implementation methods. Your creativity brings out special insights and solutions. Most of us do not like planning; we enjoy dreaming. Take time to create at least three ways to accomplish your goal. Brainstorm solutions that will help you achieve success by contemplating your goal from all possible angles.

2. Choose one of the methods. Focus, and move in a direction that is right for you. Review the ideas you generated, and choose one that you think would be fun to complete. Challenge yourself to pick a novel method that puts you outside your comfort zone. Use your intuition, and choose one that fits your personality. If you truly enjoy your plan, you will do it.

3. Believe you can achieve it. Every great accomplishment begins with a seed of belief. It will take work, but when you believe, solutions arise to help you. Tell yourself, "I can achieve this goal."

4. Write down the steps you will take. Itemize the tasks needed to complete your implementation method. Then, prioritize the tasks to provide yourself with a roadmap for success.

5. Carry out your defined tasks. Immediately take your first step toward accomplishing your goal. Taking action motivates you to move forward with confidence.

6. Make a commitment to yourself to finish any remaining tasks. Your momentum builds with each step you take. Before you end your day, assign start and finish dates to any uncompleted tasks so you do not become overwhelmed. This list turns into your "idea action plan," which you can share with anyone who asks you, "How can I help grow your business?"

Don't wait until next spring to plan your next idea-implementation day. Schedule one each month to reenergize your efforts and accomplish goals to grow your business. And reward yourself when you complete a difficult task--it will motivate you to continue on your path to success.

Speaker and consultant Romanus Wolter, aka "The Kick Start Guy," is author of Kick Start Your Dream Business.

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