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Perfect Blend

Tired of ugly tech gadgets taking over the living room? New gear adds a homey touch.

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As invades our everyday lives, our quaint homes of years past are becoming cold with wires and metal. But it's too late to give up the 5.1 surround sound or the high-def plasma--we're already hooked. Soon, everybody will have digital libraries of pictures, music, movies and more--and that means even more tech gear invading our living space. So does that mean goodbye, warm and homey; hello, chilly? Not necessarily. Whether for your home or office--or your --here are three tech products that blend in with their environments and help bring back the warmth.

Get in the Zone

Wirelessly streaming digital music from your computer throughout your home is exciting for many. But even more impressive is the ability to simultaneously stream jazz in the living room, salsa in the den and classical in the home office. ZonePlayer allows you to do just that. Another significant bonus: This discreet 10-pound box, roughly 10 inches wide, puts total control in a single wireless handheld controller--filling the room with music, not stacks of stereo equipment and servers. Prices start at $1,199 for the introductory package, which includes two ZonePlayers and one controller; additional ZonePlayers are $499 each.

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