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Lucky Stars

Some entrepreneurs are turning to astrology to chart their business courses.

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When Michael Anderson, 39, incorporated his online training company in in early 2003, he had his legal papers in hand at the state filing office along with a report from his astrologer, Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur. According to a planetary analysis, Gerwick-Brodeur recommended a specific time and date to sign the papers to position the for a profitable future. While it's hard to prove a diretct link to astrology, more than a year after incorporation, the Avant Institute had reached $400,000 in sales.

Gerwick-Brodeur, president of Polaris Business Guides LLC in Arlington, , begins her work with clients with the date of incorporation. She creates an astrological chart linking the position of the planets to business activities and goals. By understanding planetary cycles, she says, companies can more effectively time important changes, such as introducing new products. "We're teaching companies how to be more prosperous by working in harmony with the ," says Gerwick-Brodeur.

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