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Feedback 04/05

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On the Road Again

I enjoyed Amanda Kooser's and Mike Hogan's February articles on IP-PBX phone systems, VoIP, Wi-Fi and how small companies use to stay connected ("Wherever You Go, There You Are" and "Connections"). These technologies have increased my productivity and lowered my communications costs. What's more, they have kept me closer to my customers than ever before and helped me close new contracts.

In fact, I recently utilized technology from GotVMail to land a sizable contract while my wife was driving the family on I-94 through Chicago at 65 mph. A potential customer called my Got-VMail toll-free number and was forwarded to my mobile phone. The prospect needed a service-level agreement to be signed and faxed back right away. The document was faxed to my GotVMail number, and I downloaded the PDF file from my e-mail inbox with my tablet PC and mobile phone. I signed the agreement with my tablet PC and faxed it back. The task took 10 minutes without stopping at an office to print or fax the document. We didn't even have to get out of the car.

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