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Take these disciplines, add lots of hard work, and master the art of running your company.
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Mastering anything doesn't come easy. In case you've forgotten,Michael E. Gerber makes it clear in E-Myth Mastery: The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company (HarperBusiness, $24.95). Gerber, whose other "E-Myth" books have made him one of the most-read small-business authors, lays out a regimen that will tax all but the most seriously committed entrepreneurs.

To start with, he wants your passion--all of it. If your heart isn't in business, don't pick this one up. Still here? Start with the first discipline--"The Discipline of the Enterprise Leader"--and embrace the exercises, explanations and exhortations to accept all responsibility, to measure everything and to lead everyone. Then work--really work--through similar chapters analyzing world-class marketing, finance, management, client fulfillment, lead generation and lead conversion.

This could be dry, but it's far from it. Gerber bares his soul and admits his own mistakes with just as much fervor as he issues commandments. Go along, and you'll get much in return.

Flying Solo

Marcus Buckingham helped write two of the most innovative management books ever while he was with The Gallup Organization. Now, in The One Thing You Need to Know . . . About Great Managing, Great Leading, and Sustained Individual Success (Free Press, $28), the co-author of First, Break All the Rules and Now, Discover Your Strengths goes it alone.

Despite the title, Buckingham actually offers three things--one each for managing, leading and making the most of yourself. The first two resemble the ideas put forth in his previous books. However, the third--"Find out what you don't like and stop doing it"--is refreshingly different. And it certainly bears taking to heart.


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