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See how a year's worth of changes helped our tech makeover winner take her business to new heights.

This story appears in the April 2005 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

We're closing in on having followed Pursesnickety!, Deborah Nail's colorful purse , for one year. The company started with an ineffective website, but after winning Entrepreneur and Interland's web makeover contest, Nail, 41, has a very different business today. She got a lot more than just a better-looking website. Lately, she's been turning her business's new internet smarts into revenue.

To get perspective on the whole process, we went to John Lally, area vice president of with Interland. His company sponsored Pursesnickety! through the makeover, and he has kept tabs on the project throughout. "[The new website] improved her ability to market her business on a lot of different levels," says Lally. "It's a great branding vehicle and a great source of new business." The easy-to-use online catalog has made her wholesale customers happy. Nail has incorporated the site into her trade show materials, and now she's boosting the retail side.

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