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Tech Buzz 05/05

Double-layer CD storage, new e-mail options and more

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Bright and Blue

You've just gotten used to the idea of rewritable DVDs and high-capacity, dual-layer DVDs. Now comes the Blu-ray DVD. This new standard allows a single layer to hold up to 25GB of data, while a double-layer Blu-ray disc will hold up to 50GB. This particular blue-laser technology is currently in competition with HD DVD to replace our more familiar DVD formats. HD DVD maxes out at about 30GB--still, that's substantially more than the 4.7GB capacity of today's DVDs.

Those high capacities make either format an enticing option for entrepreneurs working with multimedia files or wanting to store or back up large amounts of data. HD DVD will be the first to arrive later this year, with Blu-ray hitting the streets in early 2006. The two standards are competing, but nobody is ready to call a winner yet. You may want to wait and see who comes out on top before investing in either.

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