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Let's Get It Started

Everything you need to launch your business is right here at your fingertips, so get online and try these startup tools.
Looking to incorporate or form an LLC? is a one-stop shop loaded with information, including helpful FAQs on incorporating and forming an LLC. The site also offers products and services, such as amendments and corporate supplies. More than 100,000 companies have been formed through, which accommodates all 50 states. Prices vary from state to state.

A critical step in starting a business requires developing a quality logo. Unfortunately, not all of us are adept at such tasks. LogoWorks makes the process easy. Simply go online and fill out a form with information about your business. Qualified designers place bids on your project, you select the designers of your choice, and they'll create concepts for you to choose from within 72 hours. Choose your favorite concept, and tell the designers what changes you would like. Prices start at $265.

Ultimate Business Planner 2.0
To get your startup off the ground, you need a game plan-or more accurately, a business plan. Ultimate Business Planner 2.0 guides you with step-by-step wizards offering advice and how-to tips, generating a finished plan that includes everything from concept and product/service advantages to management and financial needs. The software, which works with Word and Quickbooks, contains more than 1,000 sample business plans. Ultimate Business Planner 2.0 can be downloaded from the website for $99.

SBA Startup Guide
The SBA has put together a free resource page with tons of useful information for those looking to start new businesses. This guide outlines how to decide on a business form (partnership, corporation, LLC, etc.), put together a business plan, find money and learn about business regulations. It also includes an extensive list of SBA assistance resources.

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