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Editor's Pick 06/05

All-in-one desktop PC and image-editing software

It doesn't look like it, but a full-featured PC is embedded behind the ClientPro 414 All-in-One screen. Choose a 15-, 17- or 19-inch high-resolution screen or a 17-inch touch screen and one of Intel's latest Pentium 4 processor/chipset combinations with an 800MHz front-side bus. Its 256MB of the fastest memory is expandable to 2GB, and you can add up to 250GB of storage and a choice of optical drives. The only things keeping ClientPro from being the perfect space-saver are wires to the keyboard and mouse.

MPC Computers
ClientPro 414 All-in-One
(888) 224-4247
Street Price: starts at $1,799

Picture This

Looking to punch up your digital images? Let Photo-Impact 10's wizards step you through a little darkroom magic--in software. It offers every conceivable image-editing tool, photographic effect, style guide and mask in an accessible, intuitive interface. Offering both basic and advanced modes, PhotoImpact 10 ensures that what you see is what you get as you retouch, enhance or add special effects to your images. And since it needs only 128MB RAM, it fits on older desktops better than some competitors.

Ulead Systems
PhotoImpact 10
(800) 85-ULEAD
Street Price: $90

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