Lose That Negative Attitude

Overcome any challenge through the power of positive thinking.
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Scientific research has shown that people who have positive outlooks recover from surgery faster and suffer less pain when they are ill. The same is true for entrepreneurs. Thinking positively enables us to find creative solutions to challenges that are so thorny, they stop other people in their tracks.

You can learn to achieve success by always considering new ways to accomplish both your business and personal goals. Your positive outlook will inspire people to purchase your products and use your services. In turn, they will refer you to others who will contribute to your business endeavors. Try these tips for developing a positive attitude in order to achieve success:

1. Know that you are a successful entrepreneur. From the moment you conceive of a new idea, refuse to believe that there is any circumstance strong enough to deter you from reaching your goal. You need not rely on testing or public opinion to trust that your idea has merit and will be successful. While these actions may lend your ideas viability, they do not control the destiny of your dream--you do.

2. Free your imagination to explore all possible angles and solutions. Never look for excuses. Instead, investigate all possible solutions to your problems. Simply by seeking outanswers, you will ignite your imagination and develop unique, workable solutions.

Do not immediately judge those ideas that come to mind. Have the courage and the belief in yourself to consider all possibilities, even in seemingly impossible situations.

3. Be persistent, and take action. Train your brain to take action on the unique solutions you devise. One small step starts you on your journey toward making your idea a reality. Experiencing real results builds your trust in yourself and makes you a better problem-solver. After taking your initial action, trust your instincts, and your next step will become apparent. Reward yourself for positive thinking by celebrating each time you successfully complete a task.

4. Deliberately speak positively. Remove negative thinking from your life by changing your interpretation of events. Rather than immediately focusing on what could or did go wrong, stop and consider possible positive outcomes. The loss of a sales channel, for instance, could free up time for you to develop a new, bigger customer. This positive outlook forces you to think successfully and, more important, opens the door for others to share their ideas with you.

5. Step outside your current environment for serious thinking. By changing physical environments, you can leave behind the baggage of how you have completed tasks in the past. Going out to a coffee shop or your backyard can help you think more clearly and provide you with new inspiration.

To enhance your brainstorming efforts, invite a trusted colleague to participate. This human connection will provide you with excellent insight into the creative-thinking methods of your business contemporaries.

Remember that positive thinking is contagious. When someone says, "That's impossible," smile and believe that if you dream it, you can accomplish it. This type of positive energy will guide you toward the realization of your next goal.

Speaker and consultant Romanus Wolter, aka "The Kick Start Guy," is author of Kick Start Your Dream Business.

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