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Free Tech Seminars for Women and Minority Entrepreneurs

In an effort to boost business and the economy, IT industry leaders and the government are offering free tech training--and you're cordially invited to attend.


The number of firms owned by women and minorities is the fastest growing business segment in our country--and, unfortunately, one of the least technologically savvy. According to a recent study by the Urban Institute, up to $200 billion in additional revenue could be generated if this exploding segment of business owners learned to better utilize the technology they have. And Task Force, a new team of IT industry leaders, elected officials and other community organizations that was put together by Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Commerce's Minority Business Development Agency, is planning on helping these businesses do just that.

In its first step to bridging the technology gap, the Task Force is hosting free technology seminars in six different cities across the United States. These interactive, live seminars will provide hands-on training and teach practical skills such as building websites and utilizing other tools to expand your business. Participants will be exposed to the best practices, develop a better understanding of the latest technology, and increase your awareness of the various software and hardware available.

In addition to the trainings and hands-on labs, seminars will also feature partner pavilions housing local small-business support services and economic development initiatives designed to connect participants to additional assistance from local resources. The goal of the Task Force is to strengthen the U.S. economy by enhancing the business potential of woman-owned and minority-owned businesses.

If you are a woman or minority business owner who could benefit from this free, educational service, check out a seminar coming to a city near you:

June 7: New York City

June 9: Miami

June 14: Chicago

June 16: Los Angeles

June 21: Seattle

July 13: Chicago

July14: Silicon Valley/San Jose, California

July 21: Los Angeles

July 28: Washington, D.C.

August 2: Miami

August 4: Washington, D.C.

For more information, call (888) 613-3787 or visit