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Editor's Picks 07/05

Print jobs and transferring files made easy

Xerox's WorkCentre C2424 creates workplace efficiency. This three-in-one printer/scanner/copier uses Xerox's solid ink technology, so you can swap cartridges even while printing or copying. You'll also save more time when scanning double-sided documents, because it scans both sides of a page in one pass and will send your images to any workgroup PC with the touch of a button. Plus, WorkCentre C2424 lets you pause lengthy print jobs to make quick copies.

WorkCentre C2424
Street Price: $2,999

Moving Day

Moving all your favorite applications and settings sure takes the thrill out of a new computer. But moving day doesn't have to be such a hassle with Laplink's PCmover: It zaps all your programs, desktop settings and files to your new digs via any network, USB or other wired connection, or copies it all onto optical media. A few clicks on its helpful wizard, and you'll soon be in familiar PC surroundings. The transfer doesn't change your old PC, and you can create custom rules so you can ditch applications that you no longer need.

(425) 952-6001
Street Price: $49.95 (physical); $39.95 (download)

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