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Heart of a Champion

If you want to be an entrepreneurial champion, act the part! Here are five tips to projecting that winning attitude.

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Entrepreneurs who want to be taken seriously must act like champions, maintaining positive attitudes as they pursue their goals, no matter what the circumstances. Knowing that we can and will triumph where there is no guaranteed path to success is what separates us from everyone else.

Your drive is the magnet that draws others to you, cultivating extraordinary business possibilities for everyone involved. You earn the respect of others who trust in your fortitude, professionalism and ability to get things done. Your personal power increases when other people believe in and support your efforts.

Energize your champion spirit by stating, "I can and will find solutions to any problems I encounter." To increase your personal power so you can continually exhibit the traits of a champion, try these tips:

1. Be bold in your actions. Trust your ability to make the right decisions based on your intuition, your heart and information you have gathered. Hesitation can be highly visible, and your inaction may prompt people to question your authority. Take a step forward, learn, and then decide the next best action to take. Believe in yourself, and others will, too.

2. Listen more than you speak. My grandfather used to say, "With two ears and one mouth, you should hear twice as much as you say." By understanding the circumstances others encounter in striving toward their goals, you create human connections that enhance your personal power. Provide people with ideas for the next logical action they can take to succeed. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will seek your advice for projects in the future.

3. Take the high road. Champions know to handle both successes and setbacks with an even temperament and a willingness to look past frailties. Speak about the positive outcomes that have resulted from your efforts. Communicating from a foundation of real-world experience validates your intelligence and competence. Work with integrity, and success will come to you naturally.

4. Don't take anything personally. We never have all the information required to make perfect decisions. When something goes awry, remain calm and in control. If someone offers a remedy, don't let your ego overrule your personal power. Find validity in their suggestions. When you value others' opinions, they will support your success and respect your personal power.

5. Work hard, and persevere. Champions are not made overnight. The secret of those who accomplish something different in their lives is their willingness to take continual action toward their goals. Success and personal power are not developed from a single victory, but result from steady diligence. Powerful people wake up each morning determined to overcome the obstacles in their way and to make their experiences positive.

Your actions define your reputation. Power is not how much leverage you have over others--it is your ability to respect and believe in yourself. Share your resources and help others, and they, in turn, will boost your personal power. The world provides you with many opportunities to increase your personal power, so welcome them.

Speaker and consultant Romanus Wolter, aka "The Kick Start Guy," is author of Kick Start Your Dream Business.