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Sell Customers on Who You Really Are

To really make an impression on your customers, don't just memorize a sales pitch--let them see your heart and soul.

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Years ago, I worked with a sales rep who had a great personality and a real knack for building relationships--outside of sales calls. As soon as he got in front of a prospect, his whole demeanor changed. He became a robot, spitting out the sales pitch he had memorized and virtually shutting out the customer. The guy with the great personality disappeared, and the salesperson showed up in his place.

Sure, customers want you to know your business. They expect you to have the facts at your fingertips. They need you to be thinking all the time. But what they really want is to make a connection. It can't be said too many times that people buy from people they like, trust and respect. If you use just your brain on a sales call, and not your heart, you'll be like every other Tom, Dick and Sally, working as hard as you can and making very few sales.

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