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Slogan's Heroes

Create a tag line that stands out from the competition.

This story appears in the August 2005 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Maybe you feel, as I do, that most company slogans are insipid,forgettable self-indulgences. Even some of the most respectedcompanies in America end their ads with such tag-line turkeys as"The possibilities are infinite," "It works"and "Get more out of now," to list just a few.

OK, so now that the trash talk is over, what constitutes a goodslogan? Perhaps the most compelling slogan I've ever run acrosswas the tag line on pioneering book discounter Crown Books' adsof nearly 20 years ago. It read, "If you paid full price, youdidn't buy it at Crown Books." What made this line sospecial was that it was powerful enough to stand all by itself andinduce prospects to buy.

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