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Editor's Pick 9/05

A vibrant LCD monitor and easy-to-use template software

If you're going to stare at the walls, you may as well have something nice to look at. So try Gateway's new FPD1960 19-inch LCD. At under two-and-a-half inches thick and 10 pounds without its stand, it will create a vibrant 1,280 x 1,024 window to your work. Unfortunately, a wall-mount bracket costs extra. The FPD1960 boasts a 500:1 contrast ratio and a real sight for sore eyes-a small price tag.

FPD1960 19-inch LCD
(800) 369-1409
Street Price: $350

Groomed Fields

Working with a database shouldn't require a computer science degree, so it's nice to know that DataBase Professional keeps it simple with 30 ready-made templates. The adventurous can still create specialized databases with personal touches. It can import from Microsoft Access, Excel, Visual FoxPro, ACT! and other applications. It also supports up to 10 users; can develop formulas on numeric and currency fields; and has data backup, restore, and advanced contact management capabilities.

Avanquest Software
DataBase Professional
(800) 325-0834
Street Price: $49.95

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