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Choosing a Digital Camera

Post great shots of your products with these affordable digital cameras.

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It's all about the visuals. Good photos can help move your products for higher prices. They can also help cut down on the number of questions from potential buyers. A digital camera is therefore a must. Since we're dealing with the internet, super-high mega-pixels aren't an absolute necessity. But you still might want to look into a higher-resolution camera if you need to capture very fine details or plan to use your camera in other areas of your business (or personal life).

Fortunately, high-quality cameras are very affordable, and there is an option to fit every need and budget. You can narrow the possibilities by figuring out your budget first. The Concord Eye-Q 4363z, for example, gets you 4 megapixels of resolution for a very affordable $150 (all prices street). Small features can make a big difference. The Epson L-500V comes with a 2.5-inch LCD screen for framing and viewing pictures. You can get immediate feedback as to whether your shot worked out. The Casio Exilim EX-Z57 tops out with a 2.7-inch LCD.

Photographing very small items can be a challenge. The Canon Power-Shot S60 can handle even tiny objects, thanks to a macro feature that lets you shoot objects from as close as 2 inches. It's also handy for photographing large items like cars from a short distance. The "Shopping List" below highlights a few models that can manage just about any eBay duty. Other camera manufacturers to check into include Kodak, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. They all have extensive camera lines ranging from inexpensive point-and-shoot options to advanced models with lots of manual controls. Visit your local retailer to test-drive cameras in person and find one that fits your business needs--then you can buy one on eBay.

Shopping List

A digital camera helps you reach potential buyers. we review the brands that will make your listings look picture-perfect.



PowerShot S60

(800) OK-CANON
5 megapixels3.6xCompactFlash, slim body design$449

Exilim EX-Z57

(800) 836-8580
5 megapixels3x opticalSD card slot, 2.7-inch LCD$379

Eye-Q 4363z

(954) 331-4200
4 megapixels3x opticalSD card slot, assist light feature$150


(800) GO-EPSON
5 megapixels3x optical, 4x digitalSD card, 2.5-inch LCD$349

Photosmart M417

(800) 752-0900
5.2 megapixels3x optical, 7x digitalSD card, adaptive lighting technology$200

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